Friday, August 3, 2012

A Bit About Me

Hello, blogger world!
This is my first real attempt at blogspot. I grew up using xanga and have always struggled with blogspot. But here I am! Venturing out into the unknown! With nay a friend nor foe for company! (Okay sorry... I'm a bit strange...)

My name is Michelle, although you can call me Shell, Shelli, or Shelby. I am a 23-year-old wife, mother and student. I am a 3rd generation Marine wife (OOH-RAH!) with two daughters (Chloe and Cady, 4 and almost-2, respectively). I was born and raised in sunny South Florida, only moving because I married my high school sweetheart (Bryan) at 18. We moved back to Florida in 2011 when he was medically discharged. I am going to school for my AA, and getting my Bachelor's in either Interior Design or perhaps English. I am still

I am a Christian, but I do not shove it down people's throats or feel the need to bother people and attempt to convert them. I would be aggravated if someone did that to me, so I do not do that to others. Easy enough.

A big part of my life is crafts; from beading to quilting, I absolutely love making things. I love being able to say, "Oh you like it? Because I made it!" there is no better feeling. The only crafts I failed at are bow-making and scrapbooking. (Ugh, it was so bad....*shakes head sadly*)

Well, enough about me!! This blog is specifically for my personal life - from venting about school work to plans for the holidays, this is ALL ABOUT ME. You can find my crafty blog, The Tutorial Tryer, at

I can't wait to start this adventure and hopefully I won't do it alone...

-The Unpaid Maid
A.K.A. Shelby

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